Other Services Include:


  • Monitoring Solutions
    • Alarm Notifications
    • Service Level Agreement with Committed response
    • Proactive Response to monitored equipment
    • 24x365 Technical Support
  • VRLA Battery (Sealed) Recovery
    • IEEE 1188-2014a – Current Communications technicians have been performing the IEEE Special Recovery Process for years! Let us explain the benefits and how we can save you money and extend the life of your system.
  • NiCad Batteries
    • Current Communications is a certified Saft/Alcad Technical Service Provider.
    • NiCad battery rejuvenation – have your batteries recently failed a test? Our technicians are there to help! The unique chemistry of Nickel Cadmium cells sometimes means that they can be rejuvenated. Our company has experience bringing NiCad batteries back to peak performance. Please call and we will gladly discuss your specific needs and if your systems are a candidate for rejuvenation.
  • UPS and Inverter Solutions
  • Infrared Services
    • An infrared analysis will help uncover hidden problems in your electrical systems. It can minimize unexpected down time, equipment damage, fires, and the possible loss of life and equipment due to high resistance connections.
      1. Fused Safety Switch
      2. Electrical Panels
      3. Transformers
      4. Switchgear

24-Hour Emergency Service

With support from Current Communications, you never have to worry during an emergency. We understand how critical your power requirements are and we have everything you need to keep your loads powered while we get your systems back up and running. When Hurricane Sandy hit, our technicians were onsite with customers, working to ensure the critical power systems were delivering as they were designed.

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